THE SWEENEY BROTHERS BAND/A Country Comedy Revue is based out of Orlando, FL. They travel all over the USA bringing their downhome-backwoods comedy and music to fans everywhere. They are a 100% crowd pleaser at any event. Join Slim Sweeney and his identical twin brothers , Skeeter and Little Buck as they sing, play and keep everyone in stitches with a knee slappin', foot stompin' good time.

They have been very popular over the United States with their simple minded, back to the roots country fun! Audiences of ALL AGES and backgrounds enjoy this one-of-a-kind show! You don't have to be a country music fan to enjoy this show!

Take a little Hee Haw, add a couple of pinches of The Smothers Brothers, sprinkle in a little Beverly Hillbillies, mix in with The Andy Griffith Show and The Grand Ole Opry, simmer over down home humor.....and soon you'll have a banquet of fun!
Playing Performing Arts Centers Across the USA!
As seen from Vegas to Nashville!
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